Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It came! Finally! After roughly 20 days of 6.30-in-the-morning "is it now? is it today? is it today? is it? is is? IS IT?"
And you guys! It was for sure my best Christmas as a grown up, and maybe my best one ever. There were gifties and roast beast and fambly and chums and food. SO. Much. Food. And Lovely Little Things. And a bit of boxing day shopping with my sweetheart. (We hardly ever get to spend time, just us; so even though there were a squillion other people out bargain hunting, I got to hold his hand and it FELT like it was just us. It was super fun. Wait, is that too smooshy? Did you barf in your mouth? Sorry.)
Here's a picture of a Thing I Made to take the taste away...

It's a small talk shawl, what I made for my good friend (and my kid's honourary Granny) for Christmas. I like how it turned out and my sweetie saw it like this (pinned out, being blocked) and was all "OH hey! It looks like you steam-rolled an angel's wings!" Which is maybe sacrilegious? But completely adorable.
BUT, you know when's a good time to start as large and complicated project? Any time but two weeks before Christmas.

So. That's mostly what I've been doing, well that and a tiny bit of hiding, Hiding and thinking about blogging and what I do here a bit. My last post was kind of depressing, and maybe off-putting for some people? But I think I'm OK with that. In real life I do over-think things. And I WANT to live a well-considered life, even if I sometimes feel like a stupid, or give myself an un-necessarily hard time. Or am misinterpreted. So. I'm going to do that here too. And risk a swathe of unfollows. Because it's worth it, and the kindness and encouragement of strangers (whom I would, for serious, hug until the were a tiny bit uncomfortable) is totally worth it.
So, moving swiftly on.
This year looks like it's going to be (in the words of my kid) "Super-Rad". I have some pretty exciting stuff happening* and I pretty much can't wait to tell you about it.
But I can't JUST yet. So here's a picture of the new baby that I am auntie to...

His name is Brutus and he is entirely made of swagger and puppy parts. And smoochable wrinkles. He is, you guys, TOOMUCH. It's a good thing he doesn't live with me or his leggies would atrophy from his being carried around and smooched all the time. OK.
That is all.
*I'm not pregnant, that's always the first thing I think of too, so I'm just clearing that up.
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