Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

Today I fell off the wagon. I need to talk to my sponsor, but 'cause there's no Fat Ass Anonymous I don't have one. So you, faceless interwebs people, get to hear me talk it out

Today, I handed my bear an Animal Cookie, "Hey look, a camel! Watch out, they spit!"
Then I fished out another one and shoved it in my mouth "mmmm lion". Then a bear, then a buffalo, a hippo, one of those weird little dog creatures, a few more lions.
One after the other, (and sometimes two by two) I shoveled them in. A dozen or so Animal Cookies met their grizzly end in my maw. Straight out of the package, do not pass GO. Frenzied? Moi?

I stopped, put the package down. Blinked through the cookie dust.

After the first cookie I don't think I even tasted the next 11.
This isn't the first time since mid-July I've had something not strictly South Beach approved; but this was different from scoring a (single) scoop on Friday night ice cream dates. On those Fridays, I get to stroll and sit with my sweetie and The Bear, and go "mmmmm snarf mmmm" over each mouthful, and share with my two favorite guys. Fun times.

Mindless eating and subsequent guilt, not so fun times.

I actually feel that maybe this was one of those enlightening moments and I guess this right here is step 4. Now I better go find my brother and apologise for the Pecan Pie Incident (that would be step 5).

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