Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mama Sing The Blues

I should really preface this post with a note about just how badly I sing.
I sing badly. Really, really badly (at some point I will have to tell you about Japan and the Karaoke bar FROM HELL).
So, singing is not one of my talents, and the lack might be genetic. My mum also has more enthusiasm than ability when it comes to carrying a note but, rather marvelously, that doesn't stop her from singing A LOT. Not in public exactly, but in the car, in supermarkets, on a stroll. Any time something comes on the radio that she likes she will sing along, or hum if she doesn't know the words. As a kid I found it a bit excruciating ("Mum! People can HEAR you!") but that's because I was STUPID.
Now I absolutely adore it.
If I am lucky enough to be in the same place as my mum when the opening bars of Love Is In The Air peel out I know that there will be singing; and possibly even a subtle-but-jaunty hip swing.
Mostly what I love is my mum's ability to take unselfconscious pleasure in the moment.

Today as I poked around the Dollarama looking for exactly the right shade of "silk" flower (more on that later) I heard the opening ooooh oooh oh's of Kelly Clarkson's Because of You, my ears perked up and by the time the chorus kicked in I was warbling "because of YOOOOOOOOU" under my breath. It's not something I normally do, nor is La Clarkson usually my cup o' tea musically, and when I caught myself doing it I gave some thought to stopping instantly (for the sake of humanity) but I didn't. I just hummed along more quietly.
It wasn't until I got home (flowers in bag, song still in my head) that I realised how much closer to my mama it had made me feel. Like a genetic hug, delivered all the way from Ireland.
I now can't wait to hear my Bear whisper "Maaaawm! People can HEAR you" in mortified undertones. It will mean I am a proper mama.

Here's a picture of my beautiful Ma, just 'cause.

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