Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well Hello, Come On In...

Hi folks, come in, cop a squat, score a cookie and welcome to my blog.
Wondering why I have started a brand new blog when I already write for weebabystuff, and theoretically also for Curbly but can barely manage a post a month? Oh, and when my child is in the process of throwing off the shackles of the morning nap? And I have a plotted- but-as-yet-unfinished novel slowly scratching it's way to the surface in the roughly 10 minutes a week I can devote to it?
Yeah... me too.
But I have an answer and it might even make sense.
See the title? Luck and Bliss? I have those.
Sometimes they're a little less obvious to me than I would like (like today, when I am wearing regurgitated banana goo).
So, I want to try and focus on what I have.
I want to document what is good, whine about what is not, score a little support for what is hard and share some of the luck and bliss. I do hope you'll be joining me.
Chaste, friendly kisses (with hardly any tongue),

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