Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I Get a Mulligan?

I'd like a do over please. For the whole day, actually from before I even woke up. If you'd be so kind as to arrange that for me?
Oh go on.
Here's why today was the poops:
My subconscious is a douche canoe. Just before I woke up this morning it was all "Oh hai! You've been a little relaxed about this parenting thing lately... so, hows about you have a super-realistic dream about your kid falling out of your 8th floor window. THERE YOU GO!"
It was rubbish. Really really rubbish. and that's all I have to say about that.
The Bear fell on his face in real life. Right onto the edge of the table, so he has a huge bruise in a straight line just above his eyebrow. Causing me to look up concussion symptoms again and again and again and again. (See item 1, above)
I lost someones dog.
Our dog park has a two gate system, kinda like an airlock. And the gates are sprung loaded and heavy. I got the first gate open and was wrangling the cart and Dilly through it when a sweet little dog fellow nosed past us. "Hey guy. Whatcha doing?" I asked him.
It turned out that nosing through the second gate, on which the lock and spring are broken was what he was doing. Whoosh, off he went. I left teddy in the airlock and went racing after him, swiftly followed by his owner. Who assured me that racing off was his gig and he'd prolly wind up in Riverdale. My fault? Not exactly, but I still felt lousy.

So today has been a bit poops. BUT tomorrow I will tell you how awesome Dapper Hat Day was. and there will be pictures.
Here's a picture of that bear playing with his daddy's shoes, for no reason but that I like it.

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