Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Changers...

I might be that last person in the world to have hear about this but... did you know you can make your own bias binding in a super easy way? Without a thingie? For free?
Dude. Game Changer.

You absolutely MUST check out this tute from Creative Little Daisy. GENIUS. I almost called my ma at 4 AM to tell her about it.
I have already hacked the idea a bit and used it to make a waistband for ANOTHER apron. The tutorial is on it's way, but here's the teaser...

I found the binding tute via the fabulous Snickerdoodle, who has just recently posted on filled cupcakes. As in cupcakes with gooey deliciousness in the middle. Which might also be a game changer in the sense of, "cancel my appointments and call a tent maker, we're gonna need some bigger pants over here". Maybe.

Anyway, what I'm saying is Steph has a really good eye for interesting and awesome stuff. And you should go take a peek.

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