Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's a little big...

I re-upped for another two months of Wardrobe Refashioning. The last round was SUPER fun and it went so quickly that I barely made a dent in my stash. Now I'm a haggard vetran to the refashioning scene, I'm loving the rush of new blood from the rookie refashioners too. Wait... "rush of new blood" sounds creepy. What I'm saying is noobs = YAY!
Moving swiftly on...

I loves me a sweater dress. Yay for getting dressed in one brainless step. And being snoogly.
So when my mama picked me up this sweater/coat fellow (on sale at Monsoon before Christmas. Le sigh. I love Monsoon. ) I knew what I was going to attempt to turn it into.

It was a little large. My mama had faith that I could fix it. But it's taken me a this long to pluck up the gumption to do it.
I used the same stitch-it-along-the-arms/sides-and-hope-for-the-best technique that I used for this cardi refashion. Then I hand sewed the front opening closed (it's not finished in this picture So I guess that "After" should read "During"):

Here's the back view:

I'm fairly happy with the outcome. It's easy to throw on and it's snoogly. And despite today's awesome weather I suspect we have a bit more winter left in which to wear it. So... yay?


  1. So talented! Come teach me how to do that with my clothes. All kidding aside, you seem to find the best "junk" and turn it into an amazing wardrobe.

  2. Hello, I'm a noob at WR! He he. I love your re-fashions. You have a great eye. Love monsoon too. You just reminded me that I have an old monsoon cardi that I never wear. I will find it and refashion it in your honour...time served refashionista :D

  3. Thanks you guys. um, ladies even.
    BUT I think that finally finishing this sweater dress has KILLED winter, it's 11 degrees C here today! Not that I am complaining. x


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