Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Theoretical Farmer

Let me introduce you to Farmer Teddy.

See how he strides boldly around the homestead, clucking at chickens and staring down goats with a steely eye?
You don't?
You see him clinging to his mama like a monkey baby?
Umm. Yah.

So. That's Teddy and me at one of our favorite places in Toronto, Riverdale farm. It's a tiny city farm with a few deliciously spoilt animals and a completely charming donkey. I've taken Teddy a bunch since he was about 5 weeks old, and he is a huge fan. In theory.
Two weeks ago he spent THREE DAYS campaigning hard to be taken to the farm. Like this,
"FARM? Sheep sheep sheep sheep COWS eating. GOATS? Eating. Piggies? What Piggies doooo-ing? Sheeeeeeep? BAAAAA mooooo BAHHHHHHH. Chickens? Farm?"
Non stop. From the second his eyes opened in the morning. All day. Until Wednesday, when we could finally go.
There are new babies at the farm, lambs and a platoon of piglets and a broody adolescent calf, and adorably naughty goat babies (kids?). Which means noisy.
And noisy is now apparently scary.
And to be fair Barry White Sheep is a little un-nerving. I guess this is her first lamb and she's not too thrilled with all the humans getting all up in her babies (sheep) grill. So she bleats admonishingly in the deepest voice ever. Seriously, Barry has nothing on this girl. BLLLLLLLLLLAHHH. huh, com'on baby. BLAAAAAAAAAH!
One bleat from her and Teddy was climbing my leg like a spider monkey.
"down? down? down?"
"Teddy do you mean UP?"
"UPPPPPP!" And this is as far away as he got the whole time we were there.

You'd think he'd be over it. But Thursday morning....
"FARM? Sheep sheep sheep sheep NOISY SHEEP. Cows?....."


  1. This story really made me chuckle. Sure went through alot of this with my son when he was a bit younger, and he still does it occasionally, at 4. ...

  2. Heh heh, Moomin is a total wuss at the most bizarre things. We laugh and point - it's meant to help, apparently.


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