Tuesday, June 22, 2010

G(rrrrr) 20

It's only Tuesday and I'm already kind of g20'd out. Our local park is a protest rallying point, so no playing on the swings for us. And while I am a card-carrying wishy-washy liberal, halfwits "storming" Esso convenience stores makes me grind my teeth.

Dear everyone in this picture,
Seriously? Knock it off. You're making the cause look DUMB.

Now, we have a lot of time for Toronto's Police, Teddy is a giant fan, and waves and says "HI off-is-er " to anyone in a uniform (including security guards).
BUT, thousands of bus'd- in, under-trained police who are unfamiliar with our city's political and physical geography make me a bit nervous. (I mean you Mr. Twitchy Peel Region Auxillary Officer, dropping the f-bomb three times in front of my kid. No water cannons for you.)
So yah. Roll on Sunday when this whole (BILLION DOLLAR!) circus will move out of town.

(image courtesy: Scott Metcalfe, 680News)

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