Sunday, June 27, 2010

How public opinion sways...

Well, MY opinion at anyrate.
I don't know if you caught any news coverage of the G20 protests yesterday. It's been a BIT messy out there (though we still managed to shop for a potty for the bear, have dinner with chums and go out for some drinkies).
Anyway, here's how my opinion sways...

This is shot from my bedroom window. Looking over to the southeast corner of Queen's Park. Where police used rubber bullets yesterday.

I was a bit cross. Rubber bullets seem a tad draconian and I wasn't too impressed with our chief of police labeling all protesters either criminal of naive. There were some important messages lost as the media fixated on JUST ONE MORE SHOT of those burning police cars.

BUT then I saw this shot from just around the corner:

Not the TIMMIES! Noooooooooooooo. You FOOLS! Where will I get my food-like breakfast sammich NOW?
Image from Citynews

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  1. oh no! I don't understand why people do things like this.


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