Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Needles...

See that dress? Doesn't EXACTLY look like a pack of ballpoint sewing machine needles does it?
I SWEAR I just went into Fabricland for the needles. But there was a sale. and I am the world's biggest sucker for a glazed cotton print.
Turns out I should just hand over all the cash in my pocket as I go in the door of Fabricland. Or maybe just pay them directly at the beginning of the month?

Anyway, I hacked the dickens out of New Look 6805; I added a sweetheart neckline and halter ties (it's pretty cute strapless too) and twitched the skirt pleats a bit. I'm fairly happy with it.

Do excuse the soft focus all over the picture. Yesterday was a VERY soft focus kind of day.
Like when I came in from rainy-rainy-rain-boot-puddle-stomping with Teddy and realised that EVERY SINGLE LICK of my mascara was smooshed over my cheeks and not one of the 6 or 7 people I had been talking to had mentioned that I looked like Baby Jane and Marilyn Manson's mutant love child. Le sigh. Well it's a look.
oopsies, forgot to say that these two Anthro dresses were the inspiration


  1. You are not alone. I went to fabricland on the weekend for some buttons and came out with a gorgeous orange floral voile that i didn't need.

  2. "Baby Jane and Marilyn Manson's mutant love child"
    Love it! LOL

  3. lovely dress! just discovered your blog :)

  4. It takes genuine talent to make a pack of ballpoint sewing machine needles look so lovely.

  5. Your dress is lovely! The neckline really flatters you. I have to stay out of the fabric store as often as possible as I find something I ... must ... buy ... He he. But it worked out well for you!

  6. You look sooo pretty! I love the dress :)

  7. You're so clever, I LOVE your blog and your sense of style :)


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