Thursday, July 15, 2010

One of Those Days

Today's post is brought to you by wet raccoon poop all over my dog and sewing a hole all the way through my own finger.
That is all.

Wait, I should just add that the raccoons around here appear to have a diet of meaty pizza and and over-proof rum. Sorry for putting THAT in your head, but seriously, not as sorry as I was to have it under my fingernails.

Fetch me my Eau de Poop!


  1. I hope your finger feels better soon :( If you hop over to my blog I have a bit of sunshine for you lovely xx

  2. If you're still recovering from finger injury and memories of poop, and need some distraction, I've tagged you over here:

  3. I'm sorry 'bout the poo, but this gave me such a chuckle. I hope your week got better!


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