Friday, October 8, 2010

Not a Quilt

Poking through other people's stuff without the B&E and subsequent costly legal fees = Yay!
What I'm saying is that I love a bit of yard sale action. Where we live doesn't have a lot of actual yards; BUT when the buildings around here have a yard sale they co-ordianate days and they go large. 700-1000 units in a relatively affluent area with a majority gay, aging population - BINGO for yard sale awesomeness.
So that's the backstory, this is the result:

I scored three fat quarters of this floral cotton for the princely sum of 75 cents. It was tucked into the bottom of a box of other fabrics (I bought most of them too) I love it crazy much. In fact I might have found it, squealed, ripped it from the box, cradled it protectively and cooed mineminemine at it whilst growling around me. Maybe.

I'm not much of a quilter, but I knew from pretty much the second that I plucked it out of the box that I wanted it to be a dress. A dress a bit like this one.

I used New Look 6803, (I happened to have bought it for another project, but that's a whole 'nother post) and meddled with view C.

I had to hack the pattern a bit to make there be enough fabric, there's a seam down the front but it gets a bit lost in the florallyness. I also had to piece together the bottom otherwise we'd have been talking tunic or indecent exposure, but again the print makes it barely noticeable.
This is it with different accessories, And the worlds glummest expression

In my head it's more sort of 60's with the kitten heels and skinny belt. I'm giving some serious thought to a pair of cream ribbed schoolgirl-type tights. But that might be... gack? weird? costumey? Opinions are welcome folks.


  1. Love the colors on the dress. Try the tights! I think it would make a really great fall look!

  2. Love this dress - I actually really love it with the tall boots. But then I love pretty much anything with tall boots!!

  3. Hi love,
    It's a good one. Even better finished.

  4. Love your taste in dresses and fabric... great blog.. one of my faves! :)

  5. you got a shoutout on Grosgrain!! how exciting!

    well deserved, the dress looks amazing. :)

    maybe try the ribbed tights w/ the boots? tights and boots are almost foolproof. ;)

  6. Exploring your blog makes me wanna pull my sewing machine out. You're very talented, and I like the print on this dress. I bet you can really transition it easily from summer to fall with those rich colors!
    Thanks for stopping by my site earlier!


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