Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I guess I was a bit gung ho in my last post. (OK, fine, I was smug!) But things got considerably suckier for the rest of September. A few not-fun things happened, the scariest of which was my sweeties daddy, Teddy's Bankie, having a stroke.
He is doing remarkably well now, mostly because he's a super-tough nut. And the hardest worker I know. But I know that it was terrifying for the people who love him.
I know it's been tough for my sweetie to see his daddy as breakable.
It seems to me a terrible design flaw that humans, who are so precious, aren't made of something tougher that juice and bones. Titanium. Or maybe that stuff that Wolverine is made of... That's what we SHOULD be made of.
Anyway, what I ment to say is safe and healthy, that's it. Everything else is gravy.

Anyway, here's a picture of this kid I know who's so big I barely recognise him (and um, crazy hair) :


  1. I have to geek out for a sec...Wolverine was implanted with adementium because his mutant power was super fast healing. Now THAT is something us humans could use. I am sending your family healing vibes!

  2. Thanks Melissa!
    Yup, definitely the bestest of the super powers. Well aside from flying. Or... my mum's super power is she can pick out people's favourite cut flowers without asking; which is not that useful but really nice!


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