Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fetch me an Ewok

I have a question and it's a big one. An important philosophical one. The kind of question where the answer defines you.
The question is:
Which of Princess Leia's outfits do you like best?
(What? You were looking for actual philosophy? You might be in the wrong place.)

I ask because today I accidentally dressed like Leia on Endor. Well maybe not exactly like, but I definitely had a rebel forest moon vibe going on (in my head that's a thing!).
See this is what I wore:
If you look behind me you can see Dilly's Ewok-esque buttocks. Heh. Fuzzy.

It really was unintentional, the Leia thing. I had day two hair and a whim, so I watched a video about Heidi braids (this one) then stuck my hair up. It took a couple of tries. The fist attempt looked like my hair had lost a fight with my hands. A bad fight. In a bar. Armed with pool cues and dinosaurs. But then I got it and it was actually super simple.
The outfit choice was totally subconsious. But it's made the day funnerer. I've been doing REBEL laundry and REBEL banking and I walked my Ewok.
Endor Leia has always been my favorite. She rides a speeder bike, she takes an imperial stronghold whilst vastly outnumbered and she wears a poncho. Those are all thing that are awesome.
My sister is also on Team Endor Leia; look how she rolls in a 5 dollar, 1 hour costume:

Completely awesomely. Isn't she beautiful? (Super talented too. We should talk about her cross stitch design some time. It's extraordinary). And her sweetie is lovely.

Which Leia outfit? What do YOU think your answer says about you? I have some theories, maybe we can compare.
If you're stuck for inspiration check out this. So. Freaking. Awesome.
And just for reference, nope, you're not allowed to choose an Amidala/Padme outfit. We don't discuss those movies here. (Did you see my eye twitch? I have new trilogy issues.)


  1. Well, I've always been a bit envious of the tartish sex slave get-up she wore while being held captive by Jaba. I want to look JUST LIKE THAT! (Hubby would be drooling for sure!)

    My second fave? The white turtleneck, parka and leggings. Only Leia could so totally rock staying warm on some gosh-awful outpost where the average annual high temp is, oh, say, -47 degrees.

  2. I always loved the costume she wore when presenting the awards to the boys after the big battle and blowing up the death star.


  3. I'm for the awards outfit too. Sooo pretty. Mostly I am just envious of the hair. Even if I get it as long as I want my hair will never be thick enough to do full on danish ears.

  4. I guess I would vote for Endor battle gear. I've never understood why I can't finish the laundry and I'm thinking it's because I'm never in costume as a rebel fighter.

  5. Good choices you guys!
    Angela, way to rock the idiosyncratic! Hot Super-powerful chick AND practical get-the-job-done commander. Nicely played.
    And Ma and Affi'enia, I love that outfit too, and it's all about the optimism. (And the accessories - LOVE that necklace.)


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