Monday, November 15, 2010

From Hair to Eternity - Wherein I attempt to ditch the ponytail

Hey guys? I've had me a hair epiphany.
See, I was checking back on my wardrobe remix photo's and came realise there's a ponytail (or sometimes a smooched up bun - fancy!) in EVERY SINGLE photo.

Which would make sense because that's the only thing I ever do with my hair. I seem to have a permanent hair bungee dent and my idea of complicated grooming is occasionally running a brush through the mess before sticking it back up in a ponytail.
So I was pondering that when I found THIS. Marigold from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! is calling a moratorium on the Ponytail. For the rest of the year. Which seems like forever away but totally isn't.
So I am IN! I'm calling it From Hair to Eternity. Because I am nerdy. And 46 days of no ponytails seems kind of like an eternity.
Last night I worked up some determination, gave myself a stern talking to and stuck in some pin curls. (while singing The Other Woman by Nina Simone - awesome, but TINY BIT bleak).
I heart me some pin curls, they make me feel all vintage sassy. Like ZIZ:

And here's how that worked out,

Brushed out and pinned up a bit. (Huh, I look pretty cheerful for a woman who's in the middle of asking a toddler if that's poop she can smell)

But this RIGHT HERE is where I run out of inspiration. SO, I kind of need your help. I'm looking for suggestions, favorite tutes or just inspiration. I can't afford a kickass new haircut, I can't just give into temptation and have another crew cut (like I did when I was 14) on account of Maid Of Honour duties. But I might be flexible on colour. Maybe.
Help a girl out?


  1. You can find some good tutorials on easy to do 40s hairstyles in YouTube.

    I bought 3 or 4 kinds of barrettes and I generally mess around with just putting the top or sides of my hair up when I'm trying to like I don't wear a ponytail everyday. A single french braid down the back is nice too, as are my occasional cowgirl braids (one on each side). I've been meaning to experiment with braiding just my bangs to one side (as my sister often does) but I haven't been brave enough yet.

  2. Hi :) There's a website about makeup, fashion and so on that had one of their editors have a 30-day-30-hairstyles challenge a while ago... You can get some great ideas and tips there and it inspired me to change my hair a bit every day :D I'm like you, my hair always ends uo in a ponytail, but I am trying to make that only 3 times a week now! the link for that article is : have fun!

  3. I wish I could tell you about hair. Truth be told, I am terrified of hair cuts.

    Just Better Together


    I'm a member of a long hair comunity and the above link will take you to their list of styles. Most have tutes as well. check out the main page for inspiration too :o)

  5. oooh good idea! I'm an every-day-pony-tailer, occasional-smoochy-bunner and very very infrequently hair-outer (when I've washed it in the morning - i don't like to put it up too wet and no way am i drying it!)
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. I wish I had long, thick hair so I wear it in a french twist. Or how about the sock hair bun (look in youtube)--then you have a use for all those unmatched socks that pile up.

  7. You guys rock! For seriously. Thanks heaps.

  8. Good Luck! I know I couldn't do it.

  9. Spin Pin! Get a set of Spin Pins! I just drafted a review of these, which I'll post next week. Can I link back to From Hair to Eternity in my post?

    Great idea, BTW!

  10. Speckless, yep you definitely can! Thanks!

  11. I do the pin curl thing as a sort of half-updo - so there's sort of a headband of them, getting my sides/long bangs out of my face, leaving the back down (usually just 4). If you pin them well, they actually look even nicer the next day - soft and pretty, like you spent a lot of time doing it, or, if you want, you can take them out the next day and you've got extra great movement from them being in so long - then you can just pin the bangs at the side if you want, put a scarf in as a headband, etc...


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