Monday, November 1, 2010

I Heart the Weekend

This weekend = SO. MUCH. FUN.
Friday was a gig by the boys (The Black Devils Brigade, their button is on the left there, see? You should click through if you're into awesomeness at all). Our chum Ian was home from Big Kid School (Queens), my sweetie and I got to go out AT THE SAME TIME(!), a whole gang of our chums were out and there was dancing, hollering and hi-jinx. And maybe a few drinkies.

Saturday morning was breakfast at my new favorite greasy spoon, and YAY for the restorative powers of bacon. And also for Teddy ditching the booster seat like a big boy.
Saturday night there were TWO parties, (which is a big deal for a person who doesn't get out a lot!) And I got to dress up; I hadn't really planned to, but I decided to at the last minute and reprised my outfit from 2006 (I was mostly just happy I could get it done up!) I completely neglected to get pictures but this is it then:

(I'm NOT an air hostess - I got that a lot. It's a vintage RCAF uniform. )
The first soiree was at our friend Mike's and it was maybe the most sequined party I've ever been to. Fun. The second was a little less sequiny and ALSO fun.
Sunday was drip-fed coffee, racing to Walmart for paper lawn bags, whipping up a super-quick costume, and scoring CANDY! I hope your weekend was as awesome!


  1. The hat may be a vintage wedge but the uniform looks very much like the ones we are presently wearing :) It does look good.

  2. Hi Ann. Lovely to have you here!
    My dad's daddy taught Canadian Air Cadets, my other grampy and my dad were/are bush pilots, and my ma has a PPL. We're a rather a civil aviation family... but you guys have the best uniform!

  3. Nothing vintage about that tunic (jacket), that is a current issue RCAF enlisted uniform piece. As for the wedge (hat), it is NOT Canadian or commonwealth of any sorts, I have no idea where it's from.

    Either way, who cares, you look fucking hot.

    -Former RCAF Captain


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