Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Randoms...

Quick. Somebody hide me. There's a BOX (a whole BOX!) of Twinkies in my kitchen. Whispering seductively to me in Barry White voice
"MMM. Oh Yeah baby. You know what I'm talking about. Huah"
Why would I have box of twinkies in the house? Well I wouldn't. But my sweetie who A'ly has been wearing the same size Levis since he was 18. And B'ly DOESN'T even eat Twinkies is apparently a compulsive shopper. If you put it by the checkout he's going to pick it up.
Anybody seen my willpower around here?

Also. You might know that I am a tiny bit alarmist when it comes to my kid getting sick. (Who isn't right? right? right?) It turns out that the only person in the world who's more alarmist about Teddy's health than me is my brother. The kid had 5 little red spots yesterday. And I was all "hmmm rash? Chicken Pox?" (turns out it was neither).
But Elliot was all "MEASLES? BUBONIC PLAGUE!?".
I dunno if it's a brain injury thing or a plain old him thing. But it actually made me feel better (it's nice to be the less nuts one sometimes).
And because posts need pictures... here's a picture of the Dog Faced Girl spending some quality time with a chum.


  1. Twinkies? Just think of them as a box of rat poison. Or consider their frighteningly long shelf life. Or try comparing them in your mind to something really, really good--a favorite homemade baked good, or some super special treat from a far-off bakery. Sure, you'll then crave the other thing instead, but the other thing is not hanging out in your kitchen, using some creepy baked good version of Barry White's voice. (Which voice, by the way, is actually enough to put me off of any otherwise appealing thing...)

    I'm now in love with your dog. (But don't tell my own dogs.) Am also very glad the little isn't actually sick-spotty.

  2. OMG Twinkies??? Throw them away. Put them outside on the balcony. Bury them at the bottom of the freezer. Dump them in a sink of water.

    Wasteful? Yeahbut, much better than being Waist-Full.

    Tell your darling compulsive shopper to bring you apples the next time, or pick a register that has nothing but magazines displayed! ;)

  3. Amy, she HAS to be that cute, on account of how she's an utter demon. Seriously, an evil demented genius.

    And Angela, I gave most of them to my brother, who is 6'4" and gangly (how is that fair?!).


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