Monday, November 22, 2010

Sushi Combo B - or "I can't believe I'm doing this again"

Is craft amnesia a thing? Maybe? I'm going to go with yes it is. Because what else could possibly explain the fact that I am making ANOTHER all-hand-stitched felt Christmas present for my bear?
Here's the rational,
Just recently Teddy has been ALL about the play cooking and play cooking needs play food right? (Right? Right?) And my kid's favorite food in the whole world is... sushi.

OK, firstly of all, I KNOW that makes me sound like a pretentious urbanite. In fact I just rolled my eyes at myself. But I can explain! Honest I can.
It's not like he honks down slabs of sashimi (well, aside from tuna, kid loves him some tuna) he just likes avocado Maki rolls and Eel nigiri and Miso Soup with big chunks of "tofes" (soft tofu).
Which when you break it down isn't that crazy, it's just rice and food that is squishy.
And I've been taking him to the sushi place for lunch since before he could sit up by hisself. Because I LOVE sushi (I lived in Japan for a while). And my sweetie DOESN'T like sushi, so Teddy and I go at lunchtimes about twice a month, and he's really good company.

This was taken almost a year ago, his hair is EVEN crazier now.

So Yah. That's why I'm making felt sushi. Want to see how it's coming on?

Like ziz! California rolls, partly finished Nigiri and Tamego.
I kind of love them. And they're super fun to make.
I've been making the design up as I went along and I thaught maybe I'd write a tute. BUT a quick cherche around the internets turned up this one from Carrie at Tao Of Crafts that is completely awesome. I'm SO making some edamame! Cuuute!


  1. How old i your Bear? My Loves (son) is 2 1/2 and LOVES sushi! In fact, just today, while watching Madagascar (you know the part where at the end Alex the Lion tries sushi and likes it?) he says...MAMA...PLS SUSHI! PLS MAMA! I used to take him on "mommy and me" dates to "our sushi place". I had a baby in April do we, relaxed a bit lately.
    You're the first mom who's kids loves sushi that I meet...I usually get the eye rolls too!
    LOL...what can I say..maybe Toronto kids are just more diverse!!! JKS!

  2. adorable!

    also, i think i will start inviting myself to your sushi lunch dates. (i, too, am alone in my love of it.) Toronto and Wisconsin are basically neighbors, right? ;)

  3. Yeah, I don't know--I live in California, so small children who like sushi sound perfectly normal to me. And that is some mighty fine felt sushi you have going on there. Sushi places ought to consider using felt in their displays, rather than that weird, fakey-looking, plasticky sushi. This looks much more wholesome.

  4. I love your Sushi Style:) Super cute!
    I am so glad to have found you blog!
    It is great! Thanks for linking to me!

  5. Great idea! Actually Miso soup was the first real food that passed my younger son's lips, closely followed by eel sushi--and I'm from the midwest--so the toddler's love of Sushi food might be pretty universal.
    BTW, I'm going to copy your copy of the coach bag look.

  6. your sushi looks great!!
    isn't felt food fun?
    I made strawberries from this pattern
    So cute!

  7. Thanks guys! Also, sewing edamame - addictive. But now I'm constantly hungry for Japanese. Mmmm, maybe some nabe on account of it's cold out...

    Dorian, Teddy is 2 3/4 (I guess? he'll be 3 in late Feb. How on earth did THAT happen!) And yay for Toronto babies (your sons are COMPLETELY adorable)!

  8. I love the awesome felt sushi you've made. When I showed it to my daughter who just turned seven, she went: "ooooh! ... btw when are we having the real stuff, mama?" She loves it too, you see.
    Here's a little bizarre story that happened to us. This summer while on vacation in Bulgaria we went to a sushi place. While we were placing our order the waitress asked us whether we were ordering food for the child as well. We thought she was joking - of course we were, we are not into the habit of eating lunch while letting our darling starve watching us! Oh, she said, we do not recommend it for children under the age of 8. What ?! - my husbands' eyes rolled over and mine were about to fall out as well. Why? we asked. It can be dangerous, she said. How? we insisted and if it is dangerous for her, are we really safe eating your food? Yes, of course it is (she was slightly offended at this point). I think at the thought of loosing a couple of very hungry customers she relented - it's your responsibility then, she said, I have warned you. So we ordered and we ate and we were alright - all three of us.
    A couple of days later we go to a different sushi place. Different place - same conversation! This time we cut it shorter. I asked them (tong in cheek) to bring me a waiver to sign relinquishing all my rights to sue them for damages and just get along with serving the food. I think they thought we were the most irresponsible parents that risked the life of their child for a portion of weird foreign food. Btw the sushi was yummy in both places and we survived to tell the story.

  9. blogless, that is so funny. There are probably two waitress in Bulgaria who still think about it and shake their heads sadly! I LOVE it!


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