Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today I had to do something unbreakable. Not like the movie. I'm kinda "meh" about that movie; and I am both a super hero fan and an M. Night Shyamalan apologist, well, except for The Happening. That was brutal. Seriously? Naughty trees? SERIOUSLY?
Wait... where was I?

Oh yup. So today I had to get me a super quick fix of something unbreakable to try and regain my mojo. Over the last two day's I've irrevocably pooched two cardis in attempts to make them more awesometastical (it looks so EASY when Kathleen does it).
So, I needed easy (really really easy) confidence-boosting, instant gratification.
Enter this guy:

It's a shirt see?
With kind of a ruffly bottom and a ribbon belt tie. (Also a weirdly cropped photo. I have a messy house and hair that looks like it was styled by angry monkeys).
I of course forgot to take a before picture (been that kind of day) but I do have an example of what it was like.
The bottom had elastic shirring like this:

Which can look the cutest. But not on me. On me it makes a shirt look puffy. And ball shaped. And rounded. And completely undefined. Which is not my best look ever.
So I Just unpicked the 'lastic thread (and actually I managed to get it all in one piece, so a shirred scarf is next on my list).
I ironed the newly un-elasticated ruffle bit.

Then I tried my new shirt on. It was still a little shapeless, so I stuck a belt around it; but that squished the center ruffle. So I grabbed a couple of pieces of grosgrain ribbon and stitched them on under the ruffle,and voila, new shirt; nothing broken, no wet kitty poop.


  1. Great trick! I'm saving this in the back of my mind.

    Just Better Together

  2. Just saw this post *and* the angry, misshapen and missing unicorn post. Nice recovery! (I also dislike the poofy-at-the-bottom shirt look.) And you know, some days the unicorn just needs a break, I guess. (My own Mythical Creature of Jewelry Making is currently on hiatus, and I'm supposed to have a sale in three weeks, so I'd reeeeally like it to return now. Maybe it would help if I could actually identify it, รก la your pink unicorn...)

  3. I, too, have issues with the cardigan/sweater re-do. I really don't know how Kathleen does it!


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