Thursday, December 16, 2010

sneak peekery

You guys! Want to see a sneak peek of my new bathroom do over?

Pink! Black and white florals! Glass with grosgrain ribbons! Shiny new mirrors and my TOTALLY favorite part... BUTTERFLIES! (also tiny weeny birds!). It's so girly! My sweetie looked a little bemused when when I yelled for him to come look (I didn't tell him I was doing it), but he says he likes.
The best part? Half an hour and $12. And job done.
It's the second project I've done today that came out as well as I hoped it would. SO yay for productive days.


  1. Twelve bucks!?! How did you do it? Are those little bird door handles?!

  2. Erin, what did you use for the cabinet doors (the black and white floral)? Is that some sort of shelf paper? It's really nice looking! The whole thing looks great though--I love your low-cost upgrades. Your kitchen is genius too.

  3. I love butterflies too! Your new bathroom is so lovely! Were you the one who had thought of its concept? Wow! It didn’t even cost you so much! Good job!

    -Lilia Ogata

  4. Butterflies! They’re my favorite! I have those designs at my bathroom too, but unlike yours, my butterfly designs are all in blue, just in different sizes. By the way, you did it all yourself? You work fast, huh? Half an hour! Good job!

    -Althea Tumlin


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