Monday, January 3, 2011


You guys! We had us a Super Extra Awesome Funtimes christmas! Really, genuinely brill. With food and chums and The Fat Man and peanuts for reindeer (reindeer're all about the protein, flying requires muscle mass baby.) And gifties for my bear and chums and eating and eating and eating and chums. and REALLY BIG DEAL legal news (the good kind, I can't wait to tell you guys about it) and a New Year Soiree. And lounging around and reading books of dubious educational merit . And And And... Awesome.

Also a tiny bit of heartbreak. The switch to the big boy bed. Holy cats you guys! SO hard. (Teddy was stoked but I had to keep sneaking off to snivel.) And a writing assignment that must be good for me because it's brutal. I might get up the gumption to talk about it here in a bit.
Oh yah! I almost destroyed my computer and the ONLY copies of our pictures (um. backing up is a good idea. Turns out.) but my HEROIC sweetie and a good chum's BOY SCOUT PREPAREDNESS saved the day (thanks Ian).
I did miss my brother something fierce, he was gallivanting (GALLIVANTING I tell you!) around Europe. But he's home soon. Also! I have nefarious plans to lure my sis and her sweetie over here soon. Ok fine. Not that nefarious, I'm just going to ask her in a wheedly way a squillion times until she caves.
So far this '11 has been great and I have some REALLY BIG PLANS. Triathlon. Banjo. The BOOK. Driving (I'm not so excited about the last one).
Oh and hey! Want to see how many of my favourite guys it takes to cut down a toddler's hockey stick? This many!

OK, now I'm off to see what YOU'VE all been up to.


  1. Hi Erin-

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. I just love your blog- you're so funny! :) You can check it out here:

  2. Triathlons: My husband is an addict (he's planning to do a half ironman next fall), and they look super fun. They are also super fun for partners and littles and doggles to watch from the sidelines.

    Banjo: Tell us more! My (much neglected) guitar has been contemplating our on again/off again relationship and giving me the hairy eyeball of late, so I've been having instrumental rekindling thoughts myself.

    The BOOK: Um, did I miss something crucial?

    Driving: I too am a city-raised girl, and didn't learn to drive until I was 32 (and suddenly very stuck in the wilds of small town California). But honestly, it's pretty fantastic to have that kind of freedom when you want/need it. I promise.

  3. The big boy bed made me remember when we moved my son out of our room. I was laying in bed starting to sniffle because his cot was no longer at the end of our bed. Then I realised that by simply turning my head I could actually see him in his bedroom across the hallway.


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