Thursday, January 13, 2011

Felt Pierogies... mmm

Is there anything in the world more awesome than dumplings? That was totally a trick question, OF COURSE there's not!

So. Pierogies (actually at my house they're called "Pierogies... mmm") My bear is an enormous fan and he happens to have a play kitchen that needs stocking. So I whipped up a plate of felt Pierogies...mmm for him.
They were crazy-super simple and they could do double duty as Ravioli or Jiaozi or Gyoza depending on how you roll.
You'll need:

  • Some cream-ish felt (I use eco-felt for most everything, it's cheap and it does the job)
  • Some fiber fill. (I actually cannibalized a dollar store camping pillow for mine - lots of stuffing for dirt cheap)
  • Co-ordinating thread

You could make these with a sewing machine in seconds, but they're almost as quick to hand sew.

First you'll need to cut a circle of felt, (mine is 2.5", I drew around a cup).  I used my pinking shears 'cause I think it looks cute, but it's not essential.

 you're done!

Next up is Char Siu Bao. mmm. huh. I don't seem to be cruising past this dumpling thing.... mmm.

1 comment:

  1. Great. Now I just want pierogies. Totally with you on the "mmmm," but I'm all about skipping the bacon and crisping the pierogies in butter with caramelized onions. (And the felt ones are, of course, delightful!)


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