Monday, August 22, 2011


You know how some days you feel like it's barely worth chewing through the leather straps? And everything you touch turns to wet kitty poops?
And your internets won't work all day?
and then you're making miso soup and the boiling water breaks your mug with a crazy bang and slops water on your toes?
And you don't do up the the cap of your Diet Dr Pepper properly and it leaks all over your bed, through the duvet and onto the mattress?
And then you're in the bank and it turns out that Jack Layton died, and all that other stuff seems stupid and your heart is a little broken?
Today was like that.
I'll be back tomorrow, to show you my new shoes and this:

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  1. Sigh. Jack. We're so heartbroken here. My entire FB feed has turned orange, and people keep posting the most lovely memories of him. I just keep thinking of how Olivia must feel right now. They were such a beautiful, compassionate, inspiring couple. And they gave me hope that we might just make it out of this Harper mess okay.

    (All that said, though, the rest of your day does sound pretty crap, just crap on a different scale. I hope everything's looking up today.)


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