Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Came From The TV

Teddy doesn't watch a lot of kids' television. ok. ANY kids' television.
He's allowed to watch some football with his daddy or the occasional youtube snippet sat on my lap but otherwise I just don't turn the TV on.
I'm not proselytizing here, that's just how we roll chez moi; mostly because if the TV is on then I am in front of it, with cookies, "hey Oprah, wanna cookie? NO? More for me then. nom nom nom." for HOURS.

I DO NOT want to be one of those "oh no, my kid doesn't watch television, he's too busy reading Proust and eating celeriac" mama's. Because those guys suck.
and there are some exceptions to the rule...

Anyway, that's the background story; this weekend at The Word on the Street there was a stage with TVO Kids TV characters on it.
Teddy dead-eyed the puppet guys and the hyperactive singing woman like some kind of brutal Queen Street hipster. One of the promo girls tried to hand him some stickers and temporary tattoos and he gave her the stink eye. Em-barr-assing.
"Teddy you say thank you to the nice lady". No dice.
I didn't want to be all,
"Yeah, no, he doesn't watch TV (and I'm judging you so hard right now)" So I said thanks and put them in my bag.
This morning, guess what my wallet was wearing?
A TVO kids temporary tattoo. Only it turns out, temporary tat's? Not so sodding temporary on leather. And sticky, SUPER-SUPER STICKY, which means whipping the wallet out of the bag to pay for groceries with feminine hygiene products stuck to it.
Which sucks.
I blame the TV.

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