Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No Sleep Til - Brooklyn

The Bear is switching to a one nap schedule; which seems crazy to me. A morning where you get up, have a spot of breakfast, play with toys (or have snuggles with your sweetie), read a few stories (or the paper) then go back to sleep sounds like the BEST MORNING EVER to me. But apparently not to Teddy.

The thing about any new system is that you need to work the kinks out of it, and today has been all uh, 'kinked' up.

We went to a singing class at the Y (because it's fun to be judged by your peers), then we took the pooch for a walk before lunch, just like always. Off we set, Dilly and Mocha, Teddy and me, stomp stomp stomp to Allen Gardens (because you can never have too many awkward encounters with shouting drunks). Me keeping up a running commentary of all the things that Teddy points "WHaaaT?" at.

"Hey look, a truck, digger, ball, bird, streetcar, truck, bird...." conspicuous silence.
"Bear? Are you asleep?"
Blink blink blink.
So we turned tail, racing for home as Teddy's eyelids got heavier and heavier,
"you stay awake Bear, we have to feed you lunch"
Blink blink CLOSED. I gave his cart a little jiggle.
"Hey stay awake. Stay awake stay awake, just a few more minutes"
"BEAR. You stay awake, at least until we can change your pants"
blink. sigh. closed eyes. whuffle.

So, no. No to a clean dipe. No to lunch. Yes to whuffling sleepy noises. When we got home he didn't even twitch as I dragged him out of his cart, and popped him in bed. Out cold.
For all of 20 minutes, then he woke up starving and wet and pissed at the world (and still tired). Like I said, kinks.

Until we get it sorted I am going to be the brunette you see racing for home, cruelly jiggling my sleepy kid and yodeling "No Sleep. No Sleep... NO SLEEP TIL ..... BROOKLYN"

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