Friday, November 20, 2009

Daddy Sang Bass, Mama Sang Tenor...

Where was I?

Ok, so, After I'm scoured off the fake blood and spent, ooooh about 4 days, picking the latex wounds outta my hair, My Auntie M arrived. I had a completely wonderful time showing her around, we stomped and stared and window shopped. It was lovely to see her and really nice to show her all my favorite things about this city.
Now, you might not know this about my auntie M, and in fact I didn't, but that woman can produce a HELLUVA backcomb. She is, of course, awesome in lots of other ways too.

I don't as a general rule tease the dickens out of my hair. This was for a special occasion. There was a Noah and the Whale gig at the Horseshoe on October 31st. The flyer called for dead celebrities. And that's the kind of call I like to take. (Unlike the Toronto Star subscription hawking guys. I hate those calls. Seriously people. No thanks. Your paper is boo shoo... um, I digress.)
So we needed costumes, my sweetie and I (bless his girlfriend-humoring-costume wearing heart).

You know who's dead? And also blisteringly brilliant in every way?
Johnny Cash and June Carter. That's who.

So I whipped up a costume (yes, another one, what? I just like to)
I went for fairly early '60s June and Andy borrowed a vintage suit.
And here we are smooshin' on each other
And here are the real deal:

The Music was good, the company was excellent and the drinks were plentiful. A super fun time was had. Only now I have to hear a least one Johnny cash song a day (but not Hurt) or life feels less sparkly.

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