Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go for the head shot....

Zombies are awesome.
Just are.
Dressing up like a zombie and lurching through the streets of Toronto with a bunch of other people? That, my friends is, La BOMB.
My chum Ali introduced us to the phenomenon. Last year we were zombie housewives complete with curlers and housecoats. Those pictures are here.

This year there was a plan to be Beauty Queen Zombies. But I could not find a thing to wear! I was having trouble coming up with an alternative idea but at 2 am on the night before the walk, inspiration struck. I love when that happens.
So the morning of the walk I whipped up a Zombie Waitress costume. Which worked out nicely because unbeknownst to me the boys were Zombie Butchers.

I had happened to pick up a couple of meters of REALLY pink, vintage 100% plastic fabric (I'm guessing polyester but who knows, it could be made of used Kleenex and tiger whiskers) from the Goodwill when I was hunting( unsuccessfully) for evening wear. So I whipped up a VERY simple A line shift dress.
I was going to make a mock collar out of black felt, I fooled around with the design for about 20 minutes. Got bored. Got angry. Said some swears and decided to use a shirt collar instead and make contrasting cuffs.
The final touches are what really made the outfit work I think. I whipped up a hat thingy. I have no idea what these are called and my google-fu is not strong today so if anybody knows shout 'er out. The Brain on a platter is actually a paper bag scrunched up and covered in paint and fake blood.
Here's the whole deal. You want fries with that?

(photo credit)
the whole gang is HERE.

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  1. Hey, I'm the photog on the Borden Street shot. Glad you liked it enough to link to it (Glad I got at least one of the shots in focus). You had a great outfit; interesting to read about how it came about.


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