Monday, December 7, 2009

The BEAR Flu

So, the bear had the flu, here's what happened, recorded for posterity.

When we got home from the shops/digger adventure we all snuggled up on the couch and had some dinner. Until the bear's temperature went from normal to 39.6 degrees in twenty minutes flat. I was after 7pm so I called the urgent care docs and they were all "off to Sick Kids ER with you".
So that's where we went. Us and every parent in Toronto with a runny nosed child.
We waited for two hours to see the triage nurse. Who bumped us down to the urgent care center. where the wait was going to be another 3 hours minimum. So we made the call and brought the bear home. Dosed him with Tylenol and put him in bed. I checked on him every hour, on the sodding hour.
In the morning he was a very tired kid and at about 11 am his fever spiked again and wasn't coming down with Tylenol. I felt completely racked with guilt, and all second guessy about the decision to bring him home. We packed him into the cart and were headed over to Sick Kids again when Andy suggested the Walk-In Clinic down the road. I figured it couldn't hurt to try them as it was on the way.
They were great. We didn't even stop in the waiting room, they were all "we don't want babies sitting in here with all the sick people" so we breezed past the lineup and were seen in less than 5 minutes. The very sweet doctor took a look at Teddy and said essentially
"Uh, Guys? Don't freak out, but this looks like H1N1. Have either of you been sick?".
We nodded sheepishly and I could practiaclly hear my sweetie thinking HAH! I told you I was actually sick.
The doctor told us there was no point in giving Teddy tami-flu and that Tylenol and Ibuprofen, liquids and rest were what we should be doing. Which made me feel slightly less guilty about bringing him home from the hospital.
He was a stoical little fellow (way less whiney that his daddy). It took a couple of weeks but we're all of us better now.

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