Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cocktails at 9AM

1. Select Shaker

2. Shake3. Test and serve.

Making mama a martini. 3 olives, just threaten it with the vermouth.

Ok. Fine. I haven't actually let my kid loose with the hooch. (Though yeah, that is a giant paper-mache pickle).
My genius sweetie gave the bear a free promo boston shaker to play with.
I was torn between recoiling in horror (booze! marketing! addiction! MY BABY!) and laughing a bit.
Funny won.

But it easily might not have. As kids our live-in grandmother drank in the mornings. Straight whiskey in a fancy coffee cup (I guess mugs aren't ladylike?) and I remember being frightened and grossed out by her addiction. Also bored to tears. You know how folks get repetitive when they're drunk? Well yeah.

OK.This was darker than I intended. Hey look at my kid! and booze! tee hee!

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