Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Great Escape, T-Bone Style

It must be tough to be 3 foot tall and have all your plans scuppered by the height of door handles and locks.
Teddy found Dilly's leash and decided that he and his best chum were OFF. He held the leash in his paw and told the bonester very firmly to COME.
Poor old T-bone hasn't any legs so he just sat there.
Teddy sighed heavily then went and tried to put the leash on t-bone's bow/collar.
Once the bonemeister was leashed Teddy dragged him along the floor to the door and commanded it "OPE", whilst giving it a few smart taps. Which really. In a fair world would totally work.
But not so much in this one.

He picked up the bonester. Jammed him in his mouth then had a think. And obviously a brainwave.
Next he went racing over to my desk and picked up our neighbor Heather's key (note to self... hide keys).

Which is where we join the story....

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