Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I heart Anthro

I love Anthropologie. But really, who doesn't?

In a super perfect world I would spend my days clad entirely in Anthro loveliness, and I would have expertly applied makeup and brushed hair. And I could fly. and I'd, say, fight crime?

In this world not so muchly. I haven't the cash. Or the superpowers.

But I can look and that's what I was doing this morning when I spotted this:

Anthro cardi.
It's the Field Game Cardigan and it's $140. Which at my house is say, the phone bill. Anyway. I loved the cardi and I was super excited because this seemed really doable for me. I happen to have this top. And it's stripey!

I also happen to have the bag o' crocheted lace trim. I scored it at a church sale last spring. The bag was a whole 50 cents and it was being sold with the crochet hooks that had been used to make it. There was a LOT of it. We're talking hours and hours and hours of work to make. It makes me feel kind of weirdly philosophical about all kinds of things, like the work that women do. And the things that are left behind, and their value to other people. Which is big stuff for a bag O' trim.

I was inspired to make this:

I sewed the trim down with a zig zag stitch and added occasional pleaty bits. And voila! Quick, simple, instant gratification.
Here it is on:


  1. Hi there. I've come over from Wardrobe Refashion. Your writing made me laugh and you've really captured the look in that top - it's great. A definite refashion.

  2. Lovely. I'm glad you found a great way to use that trim

  3. yip, I'm via wardrobe re-fashion, too. I love your new cardi, it's great! And, deffo a re-fashion, as it looks very different now - and lovely!

  4. How cute are you?!? Great job. I need a stripey cardi now...like yesterday.

  5. Great job on the anthro hack! And fun post at WR, too!

  6. Found you over at the refashion site too and i love the top! good idea! Very Anthro!

  7. hi, you have inspired me to try to recreate the anthro sweater - as I happen to have a black and white pullover. So I hope you don't mind my stealing your idea and doing my own take on it which I will post on wardrobe refashion soon. I think your top looks much nicer than when you started. Pam


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