Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living For The Weekend...

Weekends are nice. I know, not the worlds biggest and greatest revelation, but this one was pretty magic.
Mostly because of my sweetie. He really is awesome.

I got extra sleeps whilst he got up with the bear, then he cooked a huge and elaborate snausagy breakfast and Elliot came and shared and brought natas (Portuguese custardy tarts... Mmmm).
We went for a stomp around Allan Gardens and he made me laugh so hard I had to stop and hold on to a bench for a minute or so.
Got to love those poop jokes.
I really am lucky.
Hope you had as good a weekend as I did.


  1. I. Love. Natas.

    For five years I lived in a Portuguese neighbourhood in Montreal. I miss natas with the desperate longing one can only feel for eggy, scorched custard.

    I also love wonderful days with my sweetie and kiddoes... yes, even more than I love natas... if I could combine the two I would truly be in heaven.

  2. Hi andreae. Yup. And I wouln't cry too hard if there were maybe some churros and REALLY strong coffee thrown into the mix. (Are you missing coffee the way I did when I was pregnant?)

    I LOVE With The Crickets by the way. I meant to leave a comment ages ago.
    By curious coincidence, my mama lived in a trailer in Yellowknife when she was pregnant with my sister, it was the mid-70's and she was an Air Traffic Controller. We both would be super interested to hear how the experience was for you. Foxes and all.

  3. Oh, I can NOT pass up the opportunity to comment here and tell both of you (Erin and Andreae) how much I love, love, love each of your blogs. You're my two new favorite blog reads (I found you both through Wardrobe Refashion). That is some mighty charming and literate writing, you two.



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