Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good(will) Karma

Remember how I was worried about working up some lousy karma by altering a vintage dress? And you all were so lovely and reassuring? (Thank you SO much for that by the way, consider me pep-talked!)

My sweetie comes home early on a Friday so I had some bear-free time to go poking and rummaging and prodding at The Goodwill. I put on something easy to whip off in a tiny-space-speed-changing-challenge, sharpened my elbows to optimal defensive capability then headed off.

And I totally scored!

Recently I've been eyeballing other peoples' denim skirts covetously. Old Navy has a few styles of them at the moment but I haven't even been trying things on in there (so as to avoid the shiny, mass-produced pretty temptation).

So, I had a vague idea that I wanted a denim skirt. An A-line one. In a light-ish wash. That wasn't too short...
OK, so not so vague; and I don't know 'bout you but normally going thrifting with a set idea of what I want means that there will be NOTHING but 1980's embroidered sweatshirts on the racks.

There were 5 skirts! In my size (squee!)! I had to try them all on, and eventually came home with two. Which you guys, has never happened to me before.
Here they are:

This one is by Tommy Hilfiger and it's nice and heavy and the stitching has that slightly more expensive look (what IS that? It's subtle but it's totally there.)
I love how my sweetie is flying Teddy around, superman style in the background of this picture.
I snagged this one because I liked the 70's retroesque thing the pockets have going on.

I also found a very silly lacy scarf that my inner 6 year old demanded (Oooou! Like a flamenco dancer! clap clap stomp. WE WANTS it. we wants. PLEEase?.)

I got it, it was all of 2 bucks and my poor inner 6 year old, I won't let her eat cookies anymore so she probably deserves something.
I also scored a shirt dress that I love so much it may get it's own post (or possibly a marriage proposal).
What I'm saying is, it looks like my karma is doing OK.


  1. So many good things about that picture: playing airplane in the background, the dog watching them, the black & white trim visible in the kitchen, your pretty and happy real-not-just-posing smile,...

  2. Yay for good karma! I love the scarf/shawl, tis very pretty.

    I also have an inner 6 year old. As does my other half :o)

  3. Two Bucks?!?!?!?!
    I want to see the receipt!

  4. I'm so jealous that you scored a Tommy skirt. They look great though...and the inner 6 year old needs to have fun so dance away!

  5. Lucky you. I imagine thrifting can be as frustrating as shopping anywhere, unless you don't really have to consider price &/ can size-wise buy off the rack. Is it not great to find a three season wearable classic? Yay! Maybe I should look for such a skirt--oh, wait that means I have to shave my legs...a little more often....Hey, you know it's winter here. Anyway, enjoy your score, Naomi's Aunt


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