Monday, February 8, 2010

Pants, Pockets and Pooching.

What I did this morning can't really be called a Wardrobe Refashion so much as a Wardrobe Very Slight Alteration but it has turned a pair of trews that have never been worn into my new favorite things, so I am posting it.

Here's the before.

The chicken is mostly for illustration purposes. See, that style of pockets pooch out in a way that make my hips look so conspicuous that I might as well be carrying a live chicken around in there.
Like this, see:

I should say that the pocket pooching isn't the only reason I haven't worn them. Until very recently I couldn't so much as get them on. Let alone done up. They still have the tags on them even.

I came THISCLOSE to giving them to the goodwill but they are SO SOFT. Like kittens. Kittens made of cashmere. So I kept them. They've been living at the bottom of my "to be refashioned" basket.

I was poking around in it this morning, found them and thought "huh". See, I've lost 44 lbs since I last tried them on. Turns out they fit now. They're not loose and the pockets were still a giant issue for me but they fit.
So I sewed up the pockets. zzzzzzwoop. Less than a minutes work and BWALA! New pants*.
Here's how they look now:

*Just for the record I'm going with the Canadian/US meaning of pants here not the UK one. I'm pretty comfortable with both as I was raised by a "pants" quothing Canadian in London, where pants means undies, panties or knickers."

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  1. Your blog is great! Hilarious! I just found you and spent about half an hour here, laughing. You seem like lots of fun, and I love your re-fashions.
    Incidentally, here in Australia we call them undies, knickers, dacks (for boys), for the outer kind we use pants (or "pant", if you're in an expensive posh boutique), trousers or slacks, though I think the last is an outdated 70's term. Just for interest.


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