Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busted! And Another Dress...

So. I needed to used my Wardrobe Refashion get out of jail free card. But I... I was framed I tells YAH! You got the wrong guy! There were totally extenuating circumstances. AND I actually did a refashion on what I bought. and... it was super cheap? and probably a second? Which means that I was practically recycling?
OK. Fine.
Here's what I bought.

For $2, from the Dollar Store. Which from hence forth shall be know as LE BOUTIQUE DOLLAIRE. They're cotton/linen mix men's summer shirts. As it's still -5 here I am assuming that Le Boutique Dollaire has a cruise collection. Just like Chanel.

S'not so pretty huh? This is only one of them. I bought three. Now I don't happen to have a bowling team that needs a uniform, (though how awesome would that be!?) but I did happen to have an IDEA.

An idea prompted once again by Anthro and by something that I used to do ages ago.
The anthro inspiration was this: The Reed Dress, $129 CAD

Which was also available in navy until yesterday.
When I was a teen, (a young, crazy teen! Sigh) I used to make a summer dress at about this time of year. Like a pep talk for myself and my wardrobe that no, it wasn't always going to be winter and YES there would be flip flops again at some point.
I haven't done it for years for various reasons and now seemed like a good time to resurrect the tradition.
Then when I spotted the shirts I had a lightbulb moment.

So that's the back story here's what I made:

Shirt after

I'm hoping you'll be kind enough to let your eyes slide over the unfinished sleeves and lack of ironing and the pale bare legs. I wanted to get a shot of it before the light disappeared. Also the last night's gym hair, that's just cause I'm kinda gross.

I'm also not completely sold on the accessories but it's one of those dresses that needs something. Here's what it looks like without.

Shirt no ax

I actually made it a bit too big and I'll have to take it in a bit more. And finish the sleeves. I don't think I'll do the rolled sleeve thing like on the Anthro dress, but I might put a little cuff on them.
Now I'd like to order up some weather please. 25 C. The slightest warm breeze. The smell of the sea. Anytime soon would be good.


  1. So adorable...perfect for that warmer weather that is just around the corner. I really ned to try this.

  2. super cute...thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful! Great idea, great execution!

  4. I LOVE your dress, and the red beads are fabulous with it.

  5. I can't believe you made one into the other?! It's incredible. You're making our grandmothers proud!

  6. It's fantastic with the belt and red necklace, and would go great with some fun lighthearted shoes. You look like a confident witty woman attending a garden party or art show.

  7. No one could tell this was once an over-sized man's button down.

    You know what it could use?
    A bigger belt and a -white- necklace.
    You could find a red belt and with the white accent it'd a achieve interest in all the right places and simplicity to be really stunning.

    mm, too good, Erin. Too good.


  8. Oh my Gosh! That is so awesome! I'd like to try it but I'm not as advanved a sewer. You have one beautiful dress there!

  9. So cute! To think a blah men's (looks like a utility shirt) turns into such a creative refashion! I'll now look at such shirts with totally new eyes. I already use curtain material from thrift stores for dresses, now I have another new outlet for material! I guess Project Runway has also inspired a lot of people look at clothes in a different way! You look so adorable in the refashion!


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