Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Regal. Super Super Regal.

I'm slowly making the bear a knight costume to go with Castle Awesome. I'm hacking together toddler friendly versions of all the accoutrements that a good knight might require. Though to be honest I suspect this might be more my thing than his. Still, I'm hoping to brainwash him encourage his interest.
Here's what I've got so far:

A crown,

SURE it looks like it might be too big for a 2 year old but JUST THE RIGHT size for a grown woman... but it's.... not? OK FINE, I made this one for me.


But I made one for him too. The trouble is he HATES it. He doesn't even like me wearing mine. I guess he has moral and political objections to the monarchy? and hats? At any rate I wasn't able to get a picture of Teddy in his but it looks like this:

Here's what you'll need to make your own crown,
  • Craft foam
  • Scrap booking brads
  • scissors
It just so happened that our dollar store has pre-cut crown-shaped craft foam (I suspect they've been reading my mind again) which is awesome.
But if you can't find pre-cut crown shapes then you could cut out a crown shape from standard rectangular craft foam, either freehand or using this PDF that I threw together.

For my crown I went with kind of a She-Ra/Red Sonja circlet as opposed to the full-on crown, but the idea is the same.
You cut out the shapes,

then poke the brads through the foam and open them out to hold the crown together.

You could get all fancy and add some PRECIOUS PRECIOUS GEMS! Or not. Your call.
Stay tuned, next up is The Shield.


  1. Great post - I lol'ed repeatedly. :)

  2. I LOVE your crown!!! My inner 6 year old collects cheap plastic crowns. The last one she purchased said "irish princess", I am African American. (Black Irish????). She wears them when I have to do things she doesn't want to do... like laundry, dishes, and ugh.... clean toilets!! I look silly and we have been caught out in public a few times when she "forgot" to remove it, but we both had a good laugh!!! I am going to use your pdf to make a crown to add to her collection. :

  3. Loco, I do that TOO! My inner six year old says to say hi to yours.


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