Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's ART baby! ART!

OK. Time for something funner than that last post. Like... one of these maybe:

It's a magnetic picture frame for the fridge. So Teddy's abstract art can be properly appreciated! This one is called "Blue Dog Reclining With Grapefruit".
The full tute is over at weebabystuff if'n you want to take a look.

Kid art slays me, I like the random scribbles that Teddy does a LOT but I LOVE LOVE LOVE drawings by kids who are a bit older (the other one on the fridge is by my little brother David) It's like being given a glimpse of how they see the world and it's magic.


  1. I used a couple Goodwill frames to make small bulletin boards over the weekend. I too am hoarding the glass part, waiting for inspiration. So far all that's happened is I gave myself a deep cut trying to shove the glass into its pile of other waiting-for-inspiration hoarded stuff.

  2. Oh no! Well there is something to be said for that lovely breaky noise that glass makes... that would show it!


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