Monday, March 8, 2010

Aprons Aplenty

Today was my chum Ali's birthday. This is funny, beautiful, zombie walking, deliciously quirky, baker-of-mind-blowing-desserts, Ali. Everyone in this house ADORES her.
I wanted to make her a something. And the something I decided on was an apron, for a few reasons;
  • I've just made one for myself and am kind of in love with it.
  • Ali bakes, and her baking is to be warmly encouraged. (What? You were expecting an UNSELFISH reason?)
I happened to have a spot of fabric in my stash in her signature colours Black, White and Red.

The fabric started life about 15 years ago as a little dress. That I wore MAYBE three times, and the last time was at least a decade ago.
I have no idea why it has moved with us 3 times (once internationally!) but it has. Maybe it was always hoping to be an apron.
The red is leftover from another version of Vogue V8615 that I made. (It turned out REALLY badly, but that's for another post).
I also used three tiny heart shaped buttons that I might have compulsively bought about a year ago, with no set project in mind.
Here's how it turned out:

And this is what it looks like on (bearing in mind that Ali is MUCH slimmer than me)

I'm being sneaky! Shhhh!
The skirt part is pleated at the top and the straps are long enough to cross in back and tie in front. The little buttons are placed pretty randomly in the center of the flowers, just for because. Here's what they look like:

I wrapped it up in brown paper and red ribbon and left it on her door when I knew she would be out (See, sneaky!). She says she likes. I hope she's not weirded out by it's ancient, refashioned origins.

Wow this is a LONG, picture-heavy post. So, lastly here's the apron I made for myself a few days ago. My mama bought me the fabric as a giftie last week, so while it's not technically stash, I didn't exactly buy it either.

It's literally two rectangles and a few pleats, but if anybody is interested I could throw together a tutorial.


  1. oh my gosh!!! I love these. My friend has been wanting to make aprons and we literally have a pile of dresses, etc. to chop up and refashion. Great job!

  2. Cindi, turns out aprons - CRAZY addictive. I'm building a couple more right now. Definitely want to see yours though!

  3. ooh what a great gift idea for friends!!!
    I would LOVE to see a tutorial!!!
    I think it could work for a skirt too =)

  4. How lovely! They are the sweetest aprons I've ever seen!

  5. you are just too cute! I love all your stuff:)


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