Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now I'm bona fide*!

Some of my favorite milestones are the COMPLETELY ridiculous ones. The ones that confirm me as a parent in a really silly way. Like the first time I said "You'll take someone's eye out with that!" I think I even meant it. I had to stop and laugh at myself.

Well today I got another one of those. Teddy decided that his finger, (his delicious grabby little toddler paw finger. Man I could put his hands in tiny pies.... but I digress) that his finger was "OWWIE".
Now owwie can also mean "owl" in Teddy speak. So I kind of went "uh?".

Teddy managed to restrain himself from rolling his eyes, and just held his finger up for a "kissie?". I gave his owwie a kissie and he nodded then went back to racing around. I have been grinning like a lunatic ever since.
I am a mama.
A mama with medicinal kissies.
* Random Oh Brother Quotes = fun times.

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  1. Awww...too cute. I have those moments too when I think 'I sound just like my Dad'. Like 'if you ask a question, please listen to the answer. Don't make me repeat myself' I can now understand why my Dad used to get so frustrated with this. :) Have a wonderful day and thank you kindly from hopping over to my blog. Thrilled to bits that you came


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