Monday, March 22, 2010

Chickens and Code and SQUEEEE!

Three silly things, to tie up loose ends.
Firstly of all the chicken thing went GREAT. Really great. It was delish and we're totally not bored of chicken. And it worked! It made me think about how we eat and more importantly (it turned out), how we shop; and I have menus planned for this week and the week after.
Were we on budget? Maybe? I'm too lazy to do the maths thing.
But the budget wasn't really the issue. I tried things that I would never have otherwise. And who knew that ginger was so cheap? Not me.
And weirdly, the time from "man-I'm-hungry" to dinner-on-plates was way shorter and more satisfying. My sweetie has been lobbying hard to have Chicken Piccadillo again ("I could eat this twice a week. For ever").
So I've changed my mind, I'm TOTALLY doing that again.

The other thing was code. As in HTML. As in the mices inside the computer that make my blog work. I gave myself 3 columns. And you guys, it was SUPER easy. I used the info from here and here. The awesome R W deserves snaps and air kissies for making me less dumb and writing DOOFUS PROOF instructions.
Then I used Somewhat Simple's tute* on making a grabbable button to build a button for my chum James' band. See in the corner? The music's great and if you want a BDB button too then you can grab one from here (my grubby test coding page).
And lastly of all, my place mat tute just got featured on Ohdeedoh! Squeeee!

Ok. So that's that. Hope your Monday was awesome. or at least not sucky.

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  1. Hello,
    Just found your blog thru Ohdeedoh! What fun! Must tell you that we have a TED too. Ted Henry to be exact--6 yrs. old. So nice to know there is another Ted out there. And a cute one at that. Can't wait to keep reading your adventures.


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