Sunday, March 21, 2010

it's in the jeans

The backstory...
Yesterday I was trying on jeans in Banana Republic. I know, I know that doesn't sound too WR pledge-worthy but my jeans have crossed the line from a "they're a little loose" to "weird and slidey down in public".
Now, Banana Republic is normally out of my price range but Old Navy and Gap jeans are ALWAYS 2 inches too short. ALWAYS. Which sucks. And Levi's hate me.

Anyway. I picked up a pair of my cut (boot-cut like always, one size down from usual, but they're just changed their sizing to SUPER ARBITRARY ) and trotted to the fitting room.
Popped them on, was pleased with the length. Then I did them up. And my heart sank. They BARELY covered my bum. Barely. And the front was worse. Like a deep breath away from indecency worse.
I wailed under my breath "dude-what-the-hell?-All-I-want-is-a-pair-of-jeans-that-come-past-my-butt.".
I found the sales chap. "Um, got anything with a higher rise?"
He pursed his perfectly chapsticked lips and pondered.
"Well we do have the trouser cut. They're more... "classic". But we're out of stock in this location"
I opened and shut my mouth. Thanked him politely. Found my sweetie.

To which my sweetie replied
Lip wobble.

My poor sweetie had the look of a man beaten by an unsolvable problem, but he rallied.
"How about we go to the bookshop?"
He's so awesome.

A new book however didn't solve the jeans thing.
Then something from WR floated to the surface of my mind. Erin from Howl posted a tute about about fixing her jeans, and that it was easy. So I fished out a pair of grubby jeans from laundry basket (which is a bit gross but I wanted to get them when they had that stretched-out-from-being-worn thing going on. I whipped the beltloops off. And took them in an inch on either side. Straight down the whole length of the leg; as close to the side seam as possible.
And voila. New jeans.
I feel ridiculously, disproportionately happy about them. The pair I did first are a bit... deconstructed? or maybe distressed? At anyway I fell over while I was wearing them and made a hole in the knee, which is special brand of undignified. So I added a bit MORE distressing to them to make it look like I did it on purpose. I used a spot of sand paper and a cheese grater; under instruction from my sweetie who was an 80's kid and knows all about distressed jeans (acid wash anyone?). This is them now:


  1. See... you can't get away from WR! Once you're in, you're in for life mwaaahhhh hhaaa haaa haaa !

  2. Great story! You have a fantastic way with words... and beaut new jeans!!

  3. Geez..I can sympathize with you about finding a good pair of jeans. I just broke my pledge and ordered two pair of Levi's on Amazon, totally based on reviews - I HATE the trying on process. I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. tee hee!

    what a happy story! aren't the little victories like this so great?

    thanks for the WR shoutout!

  5. came over here from WR to read the whole story, and the happy ending. :)

  6. Run away with me and have my babies?

  7. Melissa, sure, how's Thursday work for you?


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