Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Swimsuit

You guys. They're like crack.

Less than $10 worth of swimsuit fixin's, and a truncated Bear naptime and BWALA! I have another swimsuit. And I... I love it. I want to hold it's hand and take it to the movies and smooch it on the mouth.
This is it.

It isn't black. It's blue and polka dotted. And it has RUFFLES (and as we all know, everything is better with ruffles).
And white binding.
And FIRM (seriously, like Spanx firm) support everywhere, including a built-in bra thing.
AND (and I don't say this lightly) it looks better on than it does here. It's really flattering, those ruffles draw the eye up and are all "Hey lookit! We're ruffly. Check us out! NO REALLY. Don't look at the chubs. We're up here. WOOO!"

Hey, would you guys be interested in a play by play? Not a full tutorial exactly, just more sort of a this is what I did - look how easy it is - and here are the pictures.
Let me know?


  1. ERIN - this is DARLING - I love everything about it! Play by play - YES, PLEASE :) So funny, because I just came across the other day and have been dreaming of trying to make something with ruffles :)

  2. Ooh piccies please. I would love to be able to make swimwear. What on earth is the material you use?

  3. Yes yes yes yes please! And I love the ruffle's voice... :)

  4. Right guys. I'm on it!
    And Holly that ruffle top is TOO cute.
    Affi'enia, it's marked as swimwear knit in my local fabric joint but basically it's a Nylon Lycra Tricot knit. (And your walkaway dress is looking awesome!)

  5. Hi! I was wondering how you do the ruffles? Did you use elastic thread to shirr the fabric, or did you just gather like normal with a straight stitch??

  6. In case i haven't mentioned it lately. I think you're the greatest bestest woman in the world and i love you bunches.


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