Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dance with the one that brung ya...

You guys! You see before you a FLAMENCO DANCIN' FOOL!
See, remember way back when I scored this scarf from the goodwill? My inner six year old demanded it because it looks like a flamenco scarf?
Well that got me thinking.
Thinking that I've always wanted to try Flamenco dancing. And how come I haven't? And dude I should get on that.
So I found a school with a 6 week total-rookie, can't-dance-at-all beginner class and I signed up. Then I had to wait for two weeks for the first class. Which was last week. I was so brutally nervous that I thought I was going to barf and I only just barely made it up the rickety stairs to the studio.
But I did.
And I LOVED it. I wasn't any good, but I LOVED it. And nobody else was super awesome at it either. It was heaps of fun in the way that learning new stuff always is, and Flamenco itself is so girly. No wait, I don't mean girly, I mean womanly (gah, that word makes me cringe), but it's grown up and powerful and super feminine. And really, I LOVED it.
Tonight's class was EVEN better. I CAN'T wait for next week.

If you've ever thought "huh, I bet it would be fun to learn flamenco (or whatever)". Then you totally should. (If you're in T.O. then these guys are lovely).

Hey talking of stuff that's girly, look at the ridiculous thing I made!

It's a petticoat, to make my skirts puffier. And it's almost impossible not to twirl around in it as soon as I put it on. It's loosely based on an Anthro one that Gertie posted about here.
I'm thinking of a tute for it too (it's just rectangles), and I'll be throwing together the Swimmy tute tomorrow or Friday (I bought the most ridiculously cute swimwear knit today, I can't wait to show you!)
UPDATED - You guys! Gertie has a tute that I didn't see until after I made this. It's GREAT. And Gertie is so cute I could put her in my pocket.

And lastly, about the title, I am going to be resigning over at WR and holding on to see how things shake down. Which might seem incongruous as I've also signed up for The Thrifty Garde Robe. I am genuinely impressed at ninjaEema's proactiveness (wait proactivity? -nicity?) in starting the new blog and I'm totally checking it regularly, I feel like I want to post at WR while I still can. To dance with the one that brung me, it you like.


  1. Must be something in the air - I've been daydreaming about taking flamenco classes for about three weeks now. Seriously, I woke up one morning with the flamenco bee in my bonnet and I've been thinking about it ever since. Now's not quite the time, what with my being 8 months pregnant and barely able to do the washing without taking a nap, but some day soon. I have never taken a dance class in my life and I never imagined I would, but now I can't wait.

  2. Hi Andreae! Flamenco = fun times, I bet you'll love it. And, (at the risk of sounding creepy) I was just thinking about you guys, and hoping everything is shiny and good in your part of the universe.

  3. Awww, thank you! Definitely not creepy. Things are looking up, for sure. Except now "sick" has been replaced by "crazy busy," which is about to be replaced by "holy crap we're having a baby any minute"! Ah, the great adventure...


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