Friday, April 2, 2010

A Dilemna

Sunshiny sunshiny sunshininess! Squee.
You know what this means?
Well at any rate, it means browser window shopping for new sandals. Only I have conflict. Very real conflict.
And here's why:

Yup. They're... ridiculous. But they're what my inner six year old wants. Observe if you will,

Me: OOOU! They have Pink on them! and they're REALLY high! And now we're grown ups we can wear REALLY high shoes. And they have pink! PLEEEASE?

Me: No Erin. We can't. They're... look I'm gone be honest... they're kind of ridiculous. And maybe a bit whorey? Tiny bit?

Me: NOOOO! No they're not. They're LUVERLY. We LOVES them.

Me: Not so much. and 'sides. We'd fall on our ass. A'ly we can't walk in heels and B'ly. What? We'd wear them to take the dog out would we? To the Gym? The playground? Really?

Me: We could LEARN to walk in them. We could we could. OH HEY! Is that a giant duck? *tap tap tap*

Me: Did you just add them to our shopping bag?

Me: Noooo.

Me: Uh Huh. I'm sitting right here. Listen, what about these? They're cute and sensible right?
Me: But.... but... I... I hate you.


  1. crack up...I can imagine exactly what went on in your head ha ha!!! I have to say that you are both right :P

  2. I was waiting for you to call them "My precious" :)This was great! Also, those sandals? Hot. Seriously hot. Like, pull-them-out-and-look-at-them-and-never-wear-them-but-be-okay-with-that hot.

  3. So - the cute/sensible sandals are really, really cute - but why oh why can't they come in pink as well??? Even though they're only in black or brown, these are now on my shoe shopping list - thanks :)

  4. p.s. forgot to mention - especially love the duck reference - I've always thought so many girls in barbie shoes walk like ducks.


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