Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday? Again?

What a poopie week. Do let me explain my absence with a spot of whining...

Remember that sunshine I mentioned? Yah. Me too... Barely. Le sigh. I got my mouth, and my wardrobe all ready for spring. And then it rained.
So my wardrobe is full of summery dresses all whispering "Oh hey Erin! We're super excited! Is it time? Time to go dancing/strolling/to the farmers market/for a coffee outside. Now? Now is it time? How about now? Now?"
And I've had to patiently explain to them that it's only April and that I was foolish to get their hopes up.
And then go and eat chocolate.

That's the other thing. Sugar and I are no longer friends. We tried to keep it casual but it's always been kind of an all or nothing relationship between us. BUT when there's a chocolate Lindt bunny in the house... well I'm eating it. Over three days. For breakfast. And it's little eggie chums too. Because there's nothing like starting the day with a crazy shaking sugar rush and a brutal crash.
And nope. I couldn't just leave it alone. Compulsive eater over here people. I didn't get to be overweight by ignoring chocolate and being rational.

I'm also a little bummed over the WR thing. But I actually wanted to try and talk about that a little more in another post.

So that's that, my "problems" = kinda dumb. I hope your week was shiny and awesome. And I'll maybe see you tomorrow with something that I've been sulkily working on.


  1. Rats! Sorry for your rain...hope the sun comes back soon.

    As for the chocolate bunnies? My philosophy is to ENJOY. Eat them - and their eggy friends - as quickly possible so that we can get back to rational life with veggies, whole grain goodness and fruit on the side.

  2. Firstly I'd just like to say regarding your last post that I can so see you and your inner 6 year old having that conversation. Love it!!! Mine can be quite loud and persuasive too :o)

    I'm with you on the WR thing I think.

    Lastly, Easter is totally about the sugar crashes in a morning and forgetting what restraint is. (Ok I get that it isn't really but really, that's what the chocolate companies want us to think)

  3. I hear you about the weather. Blah. its snowing here now! (oh wait, you are in Toronto too, so you also have snow). Hey, I didn't realize you were from Toronto too when i started reading your blog! cool!

  4. Yes, WR. I know. I totally get that I'm not the one footing the bill so I don't get to complain, but. Super bummed.

  5. Dear Erin,

    It IS nice to have those lovely dresses waiting for you, though, isn't it? :) I'm afraid I have a jumbled mess of not quite right for some reason or another awaiting my sorting/reworking.

    I wish I were the person who could take one chocolate and put the package away, to be delightedly surprised a week or more from now to discover quite accidentally(as I'd SO forgotten about them) and maybe have one or two more and put them away again... *sigh* As I was reading, I thought, she can make a lindt bunny last for 3 days?!?! There is a lovely bakery in my neighboring city (Madwoman Foods) that has gluten free, low glycemic baked heaven - the best is called "Death by Chocolate Mousse" cake - made with almond flour and whey low instead of sugar so it's low glycemic and high protein - VERY good without the mood/energy crash after. A naturopath recommended whey low to me, and this bakery is very health minded, so I don't think it's scary un-food stuff. It's super easy for baking with.

    I'm also bummed about the WR thing and have been wondering if bummed others would want to group together and form a renegade blog group... Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not sure what all the talk of how much money the blog has costed is - is there a fee? Maybe granting people access/coordinating emails with instructions and such takes a lot of time and time = $ ?

    Wishing you sun(dress weather) :)

    p.s. I especially love the yellow dress :)

  6. Thanks guys! I'm making a consolation sundress (because I obviously don't have enough already!)

    Farah - congrats on your new blog, and yup 3 years in the TO. And isn't it an awesome city? I heart it a LOT.

    Holly - mmmmm. I have a recipe for vegan brownies that kind of rocks and doesn't have heaps of sugar... well, until you add the dark chocolate chips and icing!

  7. I would love to have your brownie recipe! I have a great one (came on the cocoa can) for vegan chocolate cake - want to swap? ;)

  8. Hi,
    I've been reading your blog for a couple of months...I'm a terrible lurker. I rarely comment on blogs, but I love to read and gain inspiration from others! I love your blog because of your humor. Your last post about the shoes was hilarious. I think I've had conversations very similar with my inner self as well.

    I found your blog, as well as several others I regularly read on WR. I see someone suggested a group of bummed others form a renegade blog. That has already been done by NinjaEema at I just thought I'd let you know.

    Thanks for writing and sharing on your blog! It's such a treat for lurkers like me!

  9. oooh these in-between-the-seasons weeks are so disappointing, aren't they?!
    And i can tottaly related with the chocolate! Easter has turned me (back ;o)) into a chocolate-for-breakfaster!
    Here's hoping this week sees more sunshine for you! =)

  10. Missy, HI! and thank you for your sweet words as well as the heads up about The Thrifty Garderobe. And Okinawa, wow. I lived in Japan for a while too, and it was hard and awesome and life changing. How are you finding it?

    Holly, DONE! I'll post mine. I just happen to have some gratuitous footage of my bear making said brownies.


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