Friday, April 30, 2010


You know those "what if we won the lottery" talks? My sweetie and I were having one of those a few weeks ago (prompted by a HUGE jackpot). The conversation went something like this:

My Sweetie: So what car would you want to buy first? I think we'd need a Ferrari something something Astin Martin blah blah Lamborghini yadda yadda. And Teddy and I could go down to Barrett-Jackson . So. What would you want?

Me: A Volkswagen Golf.

My sweetie: A golf? But we've got $41 million to spend. We could have a Golf NOW. Think LUXURY.

Me: OK. A Golf with a leather interior?

My Sweetie: But.. I... You're not allowed to play anymore.

But I've been giving it some more thought. See, I don't drive, but I am HELL ON WHEELS on a Scooter. So I've have one of THESE.

But in pistachio green with a cream leather seat. And a matching helmet.
Isn't it pretty?
Sure it might be less than 5 grand BUT it would mean all kinds of OTHER luxurious things.

Like that I was going someplace on my own (or with my sweetie) for a few hours. And it wouldn't be anyplace sensible, it would just be for roaring around, killing time and looking at things. I'd have bugs in my teeth and the wind whipping around my vintage-inspired skirt (because that's how I'd dress on my scooter).
Which seems like the total pinnacle of luxury to me right now.



  1. Sounds like me and my husband. I recently told him that I want a Golf, and he rolled his eyes and talked about some turbo-sporty thing I can't remember the name of. Love the Vespa though...that would be a nice luxury.

  2. Pistachio green with a cream leather seat AND... some sort of baskety thing for thrifting haul?!? And you'll need one of those veily flowy headscarves and some Sophia Loren sunglasses to go with your vintage inspired skirt ;)

  3. I think I love you. My hubs and I had this same conversation. I told him that honestly, no matter how much money we had.. I'd still want a VW Golf. 'cause well, Golf's are just so punk rock. At the very MOST, I guess I'd take the GTI version... Because, well.. turbo might just be fun sometimes. :P

    Oh, and if I didn't currently live in the far north waaaay up in Canada.. I'd so have me a lemon yellow vespa...with a cream leather seat. DEEvine.

    Btw, LOVING your blog! I'm hooked.


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