Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Sunny Sunday Sundae Frock

I made a dress! Only it's not REALLY a dress. It's a FROCK. Dunno if there's any kind of technical difference, but in my head this is most assuredly a frock.

Frock-y. Frock-like. Frocklicious.

It's New Look 6805 made up in a glazed cotton print. A glazed cotton print that was expensive enough to make my palms sweat.
But that I LOVE. A lot. I loved it when it was sat on my shelf looking like someone had sliced off a piece of Aix en Provance and folded it up neatly. And I love it even more now.

The pattern I almost love. Let's just say I'm glad I made a muslin before lopping up my slice of the south of France. And also lets say "Ah, New Look? You guys? What the what is up with your stupid strap design?"
So muslins, YAY!
I finished hemming it late last night and it was all
"HEY! Lookit me. I'm pretty! We should go for ice cream!" (Actually it said Regardez-moi! Je suis joli! Laisse aller pour la glace!) I told my sweetie and he agreed wholeheartedly.

So today that's what we did. I would have taken my new dress out for ice cream even if it had been pouring with rain like the forecast said BUT...
It was SUNNY! Unexpectedly sunny is my favorite kind. Which makes this the Sunny Sunday Sundae Frock.

And there's my favorite kid, in his new rat-pack hat. And my pooch halfway through her hair cut. Which incidentally, is the reason I look a little fried. Poodle parlouring is hard work.
And now for some gratuitous bear shots:

I done shared HERE:


  1. That is indeed frockilicious. Tres incroyable!

  2. Melissa I was just thinking about adding this to My Crafty Weekend. I'm hoping sewing with a pattern (even a frustrating one)counts?

  3. That's beautiful! I love the print :D

  4. Of course it counts! All's fair in love and crafting! Thank you for linking, I really enjoy your blog.

  5. I love it! It looks beautiful on you!

  6. Ooh pretty and most definitely a frock!

  7. The frock rocks! You look beautiful!

  8. Hi, me again...stalky stalky..just kidding..sort of! Anyways, I featured this post at this weeks My Crafty Weekend. :) Please feel free to share whatever you have been working on past present or future at this weeks. :)

  9. Aww! Thanks Melissa, that's so sweet of you!


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