Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Squeee! Look What I Got!

Eeeep! I loves parcels! Love them. Brown paper packages tied up with string... tra la la la something something something FAVORITE THINGS!

Yesterday I got a p'ticly awesome one. With surprises. That are SO PRETTY. From someone lovely.
But there's a bit of a back story; you guys know Skip right? of Skippedydoodah? If you don't you should race over and check her out. I'll wait here and make us a cup of tea.

Back? Goodo.
She's great, huh? Funny and creative and brill. A while ago I sent her something a bit silly, because she spent the winter without heating. Which, as anybody who's ever done it knows, is SUPER TOUGH. It makes everything a bunch harder and can make getting out of bed seem like an epic, Tolkienesque battle (with dragons and stuff). Skip survived with poise and grace and managed to be a helluva funny blogger too. So I sent her a parcel o'crazy.

And because she is lovely she sent me something back. So that's the back story now, on to the LOOT!


Calvin and Hobbes! I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes. Really love them. I was a kid with an imaginary friend who happened to be a frog. And Teddy has T-Bone, who, according to him, likes cheese almost as much as Hobbes likes tuna sammiches. We have every book sitting on Teddy's shelves waiting for him to be old enough to love them as much as I do.
So a hand-stenciled Calvin and Hobbes bag. Eeep.

BUT that's not all!
Look what was inside:

It's so pretty! And YELLOW! I love yellow. I love THIS yellow too.
(in fact, lookit this. I just made cushions in this EXACT shade)

This little bag is BEAUTIFULLY MADE (it has a zipper on the inside and pockets) and it has pistachio (!) lining.
It makes me feel like I could be roaring around Florence on a shiny Vespa with an artfully arranged headscarf and very red lipstick. Which is GOOD thing. Oh, and I'd need this little fellow to complete my outfit:

So Skip, thank you SO much. What a pleasure to get pretty things in the mail.

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  1. :D :D :D

    So glad you like 'em. Not sure about "beautifully made"... ;)

    It is a 'future-clutch', in the hope that one day life as a mama will evolve into being able to leave the house with everything you need in a bag that size...


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