Sunday, April 25, 2010


So slow! So slow with the swimmy tute. I blame THE UNIVERSE. Stupid universe.
But it's coming along; in a blurry, too-stinkin'-dark-to-take-good-pictures way.
And look how cute the fabric is:

Kate spotted it in the depths of the swimwear knit ends basket, (she has heat-seeking missile eyeballs, except for CUTE-seeking, not heat-seeking. And also not missiles, just eyeballs.)

ok, updated... I've broken my last ball point needle. I think I just invented a new swear.


  1. Stupid universe. It does get in the way! Looking forward to the tute when it happens though. I must figure out what swimwear fabric is and where I can get it from!

  2. Lovely fabric sweetie, I look forward to seeing it finished. My sewing machine is about to join the great sewing circle in the sky. The repair man is quite dismayed at the state of it. Cannot imagine why, it has only made 4000 baby quilts so far...

  3. Hi Lady!
    But... Will this mean a SHINY NEW machine? Or even a shiny new-to-you machine? New buttons to play with? New feeties to curse over?


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